Lucie Brouillard Facepainting 3

It is a privilege to work with great people and to be a part of their wonderful events.

Check out some of the kind words from some of my satisfied clients.

Critical Mass

In 2015-16, we hired Lucie to work on Nissan’s “Diehard Fan” suite of apps. What started as a “Hey come and paint a few faces for us” engagement ended with the creation and painting of some 800 different original face paint designs. She pulled it off brilliantly, adapting her skills to the needs of technology with all the meticulousness of a true artist. The quality of her craft added a level of authenticity no basic face-mapping app ever could. The result was not merely a realistic product, but a thoughtful, award-winning fan experience.

– Martine Lavoie,
Artistic Director, Critical Mass, Calgary

Silver Springs Golf & Country Club

A uniquely-gifted artist whose creations are always beyond expectations. More importantly, Lucie Brouilliard comes to all things with personal integrity and a desire to add to the experience you are having.

– Jon Fisher
Silver Springs Gold & Country Club

Japan Media Exchange, The Netherlands

Dear Lucie-san,

It is with great pleasure that we write a testimonial about your invaluable contribution to Daidogei World Cup Festival in Shizuoka, Japan.

For years, you have been gracing us with your presence and incredible talent to transform many of the nearly 2 million ordinary faces, who wait in line for hours every year, into walking pieces of art.

You respectfully represent the finest of Canada’s creative culture and delicately blend Asian influences into each performance, characterized by unparalleled speed and quality, and you capture the essence of the festival, which is to touch people’s hearts and bring joy and smiles through performing arts.

Your work ethic is exemplary and your ability to attract and form a team of artists, who share the same professionalism, pride and enthusiasm as you do, is indicative of the level of respect you have earned in your profession.

We look forward to our next meeting and wish you continued success in all your endeavors.


Ryo and Alex Iguchi

Alliance Entertainment Services

Alliance Entertainment Services has had the absolute pleasure to work with Lucie Brouillard for the past 10 years. 

She is what we would classify as the ultimate artist / performer

It is a honor and pleasure to work with Lucie always.

Her artwork is of the best and highest level of quality, her attitude always positive and infectious, and the clients are over the moon with gratification. She is the Best!

I highly recommend Lucie for all face and body painting opportunities.

– Heather Tuffs
Alliance Entertainment Services,

Matrix Real Estate Services (now ROYOP)

Lucie has entertained old and young alike at many events at shopping centres we manage over the years. She has a rare talent for face and body painting and is the nicest person you could ever hope to meet!

– Vyetta Sunderland

Carnivals For Kids At Heart

I have been using Lucie’s fabulous services for over a decade. Although I contract many entertainers, I always call her first as not only is she a skilled artist (that knowledge is evident if you have ever seen her work) but she is always on time. She is always a pleasure to work with and always great with the clients.

Carnivals For Kids At Heart loves Lucie and highly recommends her. 

Kelly Wamsley

The Marketing Director

I have had the privilege of working with the delightful Lucie Brouillard many times over the past number of years and whether it’s been for a corporate affair, a community party or a children’s event she is always a huge hit with the attendees. Her professionalism is unquestionable but her charm and engaging manner, with people of all ages and backgrounds, is what makes the magic she creates so special. I would highly recommend her for any function that could use some “extra sparkle”!!

– Beverley Blue
The Marketing Director