Lucie Brouillard Facepainting 3

International Performances

The short version: I  love traveling and will go anywhere to face or body-paint! Please contact me!

The long version: all the details!

Any excuse to go somewhere different on this vast planet where I can spread joy with my brushes and paints is always welcome.

Language is luckily not a barrier with face-painting. One way of doing this is simply to show a board or book with different pictures and samples of designs. In this case, I can work on my own, just with the public. (Of course I learn ahead of time all the key words such as Please, open/close your eyes, relax, chin higher, names of colors, sparkles, etc)

Another option is to have one volunteer with me who acts as a translator, if you wish for your clients to have anything and everything that they request painted. Then I do need help.

I already speak French, English, Dutch and Spanish, which is a good start.

Of course, the rates shown in the face and body-painting sections of this site do not apply for these contracts abroad. Often, a lump sum or some kind of alternative arrangement is more the way to go, based on the duration of the work, the daily hours, etc. If the time difference between Alberta and your country is really considerable, it is always appreciated to arrive a few days before performing so the jet lag can be manageable.

Flight, transport from and to airport/hotel and accommodation always need to be provided by the employer. When applicable, a work visa needs to be arranged beforehand. However, Canadian citizenship makes traveling easy, as many countries do not ask for a visa, and so often bringing an official letter of invitation from the employer/event is sufficient at customs.

Face-painting supplies are quite light, so there are never any extra cargo fees.

On site, whether the performance is inside or outside, I ask for a table large enough to spread my materials on. If possible, also a higher chair or stool so I can work standing up. Good light is necessary. If outside, a shaded area is also essential, as I cannot paint people in full sun, as it is very uncomfortable for both the clients and myself and my paints get affected.

If you think that your attendance will be overwhelming, there are a few solutions to keep things under control.
The first option is of course to have more than one face-painter. I can gather a great team of reliable, talented and professional painters along. In this case, we all work together and the clients form one line, so it all goes very fast.

The second option is to issue tickets ahead of time- say early in the morning, people can come get their tickets with a set time for their appointment. For luxurious face-painting, when I offer the best possible quality, to give 10 minutes for a full face and 5 minutes for a half-face is a good way to keep on schedule. This includes the time people sit on the chair, settle themselves and explain what they want, etc.
If the performance is held on a street or in a very busy setting, it is a good idea to have my working area cordoned-off so spectators do not bump into me as I am painting.

I can work up to 9 hours a day, provided I can have a few 10 minute breaks.

Lastly, the products I use are all water-based, safe for the skin, FDA-approved and easily washable with water and soap. If the area where you live is very hot, it is always possible to spray the painting with a gentle alcohol-based sealer, which acts as a sweat barrier. However, this is used on arms, shoulders and legs, as I do not feel comfortable using this on faces.

I hope I have helped you in this section to understand a little how it all works. Please take a moment to read the many testimonials on my site, which I trust will give you enough confidence in my services and myself.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns, or if you wish to inquire about my availability.

If you have a special idea or concept, I am always very open to suggestions.

Lastly, if roving face-painting is better for your event, I offer you… The Prisma Donnas! We are a comic trio and we entertain the crowds and face-paint them. 3 middle-aged cranky, high-maintenance, menopausal, roundish and haughty EX-opera singers (their voices are gone…) we now must earn our living face-painting. What we have not lost is our attitude and need for adoration from the crowds… We wear super lavish costumes and carry classical music with us… Honestly we are funny! Small designs only on people’s faces or arms, done quickly so we can move onward. Please contact me for more info- this is brand new… (and exciting!) Photos will come later.