Lucie Brouillard Facepainting 3

The Many Ways I Body Paint

Have you just lost weight, conquered a cancer, or are you pregnant?  Maybe you feel that you are at the height of your beauty and wish to simply capture images of yourself in your ultimate best shape ever. Maybe you are going to the ComicCon and want to be turned into a Super Hero for a day (or a Super Villain!).  Or maybe that you wish to give very sexy and special photos to your partner as a St-Valentine’s gift… who knows…All excellent reasons to celebrate (and ask me to paint) your body. 

Usually clients contact me with something in mind already. Before the actual painting session, we will sit down and discuss the vision that they have. I will then sketch on paper and we will decide on colors, placement, shading, etc.. (this can be done the same day- we just make sure to have a good half-hour prior). A full head-to-toes body-painting session can take between 2 and 4 hours, rarely longer. It depends of course on the details (or  their absence!). A partial body-painting, an upper-body, for example, with a bit of art on the face, will typically take between 1 and 2 hours.

I strongly recommend to hire a professional photographer if you are doing a more intricate or revealing session in order to capture the best possible images. Please make sure you trust your photographer and feel safe with this person. Maybe ask for referrals before hiring.

Big corporate evenings always need entertainment. Live body-painting is always captivating to watch. Consider one or two models for your event, usually a man and a lady together. During public events like these, full nudity is not acceptable. As a rule, thongs are worn and often the lady model needs to wear nipple covers. If you are organizing the event, please always check with the venue as rules seem to change from week to week.

I paint according to a given theme, to colors that go with the company’s logo, etc… whatever your evening requires. Camouflage body-painting against a drop can be fun as well for those events.

There is also commercial body-painting. Do you want to sell something? Having body-painted models showing your product or logo on their bodies can be very effective! 

Please contact me if you have questions!




One hour only: $175
Each additional hour: $150


These rates apply for Calgary and surrounding areas. First 100 km travel free of charge. Beyond that distance, 40 cents per km will be added as travel expense.

5% GST needs to be added to all prices in the province of Alberta.


A reminder: I am fully insured and only use the safest water-based products on the market!